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About Altiro Cuisine

A restaurant chain with locations throughout Northern Illinois, offering a tapas-style inspired latin fusion cuisine of classic dishes with infused new flavors from Spain, Mexico, and South America.

Our dishes are presented in a tapa-style way, inspired by Spain's tapas which are small Spanish savory dishes, typically served with drinks at a bar.

  • All of our ingredients are bought locally. 
  • All meat is free of hormones.
  • All poultry comes from grass-fed animals
  • All of our sweeteners are agave-based nectars.
  • All vegetables and fruits arrive fresh daily.

About Altiro Founders

Chef Roberto Avila and Erika Villanueva

Former professional soccer player of Mexican teams, Executive Chef Roberto Avila went from real estate guru in Mexico to restauranteur in Illinois with his wife, Erika Villanueva who is the interior designer of Altiro's restaurants.

Roberto has been successful in everything journey that he has embarked in. What is the key to his success? It is simple. Erika says, "The motto my husband lives by and says to his restaurant employees when they decide to leave Altiro's restaurants is, "Whatever you do, give it your 100%. Always strive to be the best at whatever you do, wherever you go." 

This motto is reflected in the culture at Altiro's restaurants, from their interior decor, dish presentations, menu development to their source of their ingredients and warm customer service. But, the secret ingredients that makes their menu delish are LOVE and PASSION!

Buen provecho!


All of our locations offer a friendly-staff and a contemporary decor.

Al Chulo Restaurant West Chicago Storefront



  • Happy Hour

  • Parking Lot

  • Event Space Available for 55 People

  • Catering Available

Altiro Roscoe Village Storefront



  • Outdoor Seating - Pet Friendly

  • Street Parking

  • Happy Hour + APPS: 4pm-5pm

  • Catering Available

  • Event Space Available

al tiro geneva storefront.jpg



  • Outdoor Patio

  • Parking Lot

  • Event Space Available for 60 People + Patio for 40 People

  • Catering Available

Altiro La Grange Storefront



  • Altiro Breakfast, 7am-3pm

  • Outdoor Seating - Pet Friendly

  • Valet Parking + Near Metra Stop

  • Happy Hour + APPS: 3pm-5pm

  • Event Space Available